Starlight Delay

Starlight Delay

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UPDATE: This is sold. Email if you'd like to have one made for you (with your choice of colors, graphics, knobs, etc).


This is an expertly hand-made, one of a kind exact clone of the EQD Disaster Transport Jr delay pedal.

It has a unique, vintage voice that stands out against the sea of digital delays that are most common.

  • Analog voiced digital delay with 625ms delay time, all analog dry signal path
  • True bypass.
  • Designed as an anti-modern delay for those who appreciate a nice tape echo with all its peculiarities.
  • Mix control allows you to boost the effected signal to nearly 4x the original signal level and the repeats control goes from one signal repeat to near infinite repeats all the way through to self-oscillation.
  • Unique tone control doubles as a noise filter on longer delay settings and really helps the delay shine with a dirty signal.
  • 9V, center negative supply required, not included.