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The most versatile fuzz/overdrive/distortion guitar pedal

UPDATE: This is sold. Email if you'd like to have one made for you (with your choice of colors, graphics, knobs, etc).


This is an expertly hand-crafted, one of a kind pedal based on the "omnidrive" circuit of the very talented engineer John Hollis, with additional touches from RG Keen.

The Youtube video being shown is of the same circuit, but not the exact pedal being sold. It demonstrates some of the versatility of this pedal (but not even all of it!)

This is the "tweaker" of guitar pedals, giving you control over

  • Gain knob
  • Tone knob
  • Level knob
  • Blend knob
  • Boost on/off switch
  • Low pass filter on/off switch
  • Scoop on/off switch
  • Distortion mode switch, between simple clipping and feedback
  • Octave up switch, full wave rectifier

This is a versatile distortion pedal. Think of it as analogue modeling, using analogue circuitry to model a wide range of analogue distortion devices. It includes the main elements found in the majority of distortion boxes. The unit comprises four sections:

  1. A pre-amplifier with switchable treble boost.
  2. A switchable low pass filter.
  3. switchable full wave rectifier for octave-up effects.
  4. clipping stage with variable gain and two clipping modes.

These stages are combined with level and tone controls to allow emulation of most of the multi-stage overdrive and fuzz units.