Mimir's Horn (made to order)

Mimir's Horn (made to order)

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Note: This has a lead time of 3 or more weeks depending on the options you choose.
This is an amazing sounding digital effect pedal giving you extreme flexibility on the incredibly popular FV-1 DSP. This is the same brain that powers many of the most popular pedals out there, and unlike companies like EQD who want to sell you 8 separate, individual pedals... I'm happy to let you have them all in one box.

It can hold 8 different patches (i.e. "pedals") for you to choose from, and you can easily swap out a chip inside the pedal to try even more. There are over a hundred expertly-designed patches to pick from.

This is the little sister of Mimir's Well, but without the screen and with a single bank instead of a pair.

It has 6 controls:

  • Volume
  • Wet/dry mix
  • 8 position patch selector
  • 3 controls which vary depending on which patches you're using

One bank of 8 patches is included - you choose your patches here: https://mas-effects.com/fv1-programs/ 

and you can order as many addition banks of 8 patches as you'd like

Customizations to the graphics, text, etc are available. Let me know what you have in mind, or contact me with any questions or for help choosing your options.

You may also choose custom knobs and other hardware.

Note the waterslide decal finish is hand-made and will show slight cosmetic imperfections, and possible hazing on the clear coat. Use this option only if you want a quick turnaround time.