Relay Bypass Module v1

Relay Bypass Module v1

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This is v1 of a true-bypass relay bypass kit for your DIY pedals. Its price has been reduced since a newer version is available here.

More details here:

Base price includes PCB and pre-programmed ATtiny microcontroller (IC). For a few dollars more you can add the rest of the parts to build this (note the first two may be hard to find):

  • Relay
  • Optocoupler
  • Voltage regulator
  • Capacitor

The price is reduced because the newer v2 relay kit has some improvements, and this version is not as convenient to work with.


  • V1 has no LED solder pad, but you can get that functionality by soldering a wire to Pin 3 of U2 or its socket.
  • V2 moved the SW1 and SW2 pads directly under the solder lugs to better fit most SPDT momentary switches
  • V1 doesn't fit as neatly between the screw holes of a 1590A. It can fit a 1590A but needs to be offset from the switch
  • V1 has 2 extra components that should be omitted (already removed from the PCB if you order from me).

Build docs here

NOTE: this uses a standard non-latching relay. It's not suitable for use with a battery or when you have limited power available. A latching version will be available in the future.